Das spielen wir:

2nd Unit:

"Fight And Kill!"

"Bloody Tools"


"Peggy Sue"

"Black Death"  

"Heavy Duty Rock" 


"Ride Hard"

"Let`s Go!"

"The Witch Of Blair" (Part 1)

"Van Helsing" (Witch Of Blair continued...)

"The Witch of Blair" (Part 2)

"Please Don´t Stop!"

"Leave Your Soul In Hell"

"I Want More!"

"Remember Yesterday" (Instrumental)



               "Symphony Of Destruction"

Guns N´ Roses:



               "Dallas 1PM"


               "Holy Diver"

 Quiet Riot:

               "Metal Health"


               "Princess Of The Dawn"


               "The Chase Is Better Than The Catch"

Rhino Bucket:

"The Hardest Town"

Judas Priest:

"You´ve Got Another Thing Comin`"   - N E U !


"Breaking The Law"

Black Sabbath:



               "Sin City"


               "If You Want Blood (You´ve Got It)"

Led Zeppelin:

"Whole Lotta Love"


 gerade in Bearbeitung:

"We Will Rock You (Fast)" - Queen

"Children Of The Night" - 2nd Unit

"Doomsday" - 2nd Unit


...und da wird noch mehr Rock von uns kommen!